Proposal CS0408 – Visual Gaming – Dr. Memori

Background story + Theme

  • Background
  • The background of this game is where Dr. Memori will help children with ADHD problem fix their memory so that their will be better and memorizing thing
  • Theme
  • The theme of this game is memory game collection

Gameplay Mechanic

  • The mechanic of the gameplay is going to be where you can select different game from 3 choices and each game have different kind of mechanic
  • Game 1 Mechanic
    • Match the card game
  • Game 2 Mechanic
    • Simons says game
  • Game 3 Mechanic
    • Find the Mole game

Mockup Screenshot (Main Menu)

main menu

Mockup Screenshot (Game 1)


Mockup Screenshot (Game 2)


Mockup Screenshot (Game 3)


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